Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aguide To Become Success Number One

A Guide To Become Success Number One
By: Agus Saifuddin

Success is the dream of every person. In this world no one who will not succeed. Of the people inferior until those the highest rank they want a perfect success number one. But not everyone get the success he wanted.
His reality like what we see around us not all people find success. It turned out that success does not depend on one's hard work, because many people have already tried with hard work but he was not successful.
Examples such as students in one faculty they majored in agriculture but the fact it’s not all students become successful farmers. Most of them majored in business but not all students who majored in their business success in his business. Right?

There are also some among them who think they have gained success because he has got what they earned as a trader who has succeeded in selling his merchandise to benefit the rich so that he became wealthy.
as well as a doctor who has tried a few years studying medicine and spend lots of money for a drug study presented, all that he did it to become a doctor, because he believes that being a doctor is a success.
Athletics has been practicing in earnest, so he managed to become champion and he has considered himself has been successful because it has become a champion.
A musician has been practicing diligently day and night so that he became known throughout the world.
A politician who has been struggling with everything so he became the leader of the State.

Is it all already can tell the success number one??

A doctor who can give medicine to others and the person is happy and excited, while her own doctor had a lot of problems in his heart. Whether this success?

A rich treasure has very much lived in a big house and nice but sad because so many problems in his life. He does not soundly asleep because thinking of his wealth, not good to eat even though he could buy it; this is said success number one?

Almost everyone believes that money is king. People can get whatever he wants as long as it has the money, even successful and whether a person is measured by money. If someone can collect a lot of money then says he's a success? They cannot think that deep.